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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and it's happening in southern california on a college campus that is on lockdown tonight. here is a live look at cal state fullerton. some students are being allowed to leave where they have been stuck for hours while s.w.a.t. teams are looking for armed robbers. anaheim police say five people robbed a jewelry store and then took police on a high-speed chase that ended up on the cal campus. live pictures of what is going on and has been going on for hours.
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no shots have been fired from what we understand but it is on lockdown as they look for the bandits. >> i'm dan ashley. one robbery suspect has been detained. s.w.a.t. team is still looking for four more people. here are pictures of the students inside the locked classrooms. professors are trying to keep things normal and keep everyone calm. here a shot of some students of playing guitar but the situation is tense. here is what one student tweeted from his view outside the window. the man with a gun, it's not clear whether it's an officer or not. we'll bring you developments as they happen. >> dan: health care for jerry brown tonight. he is undergoing for early stage prostate cancer. the cancer is not spreading. the governor is being treated at u.c. san francisco and oncologists say the cancer is an early stage. it is being treated with radiation. it will continue until january
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7th. his prognosis is in fact excellent. his staff says the governor will work full time one cancer expert says is the right thing to do. >> 74 years old, the average life expectancy is about 11 years. our governor isn't average he is looking i'm sure at much more than that. that is why he had his prostate cancer treated. >> it's the common common cancer among men. this is his second bout for cancer. he received treatment for skin cancer and had a growth surgically removed. >> we have learned that the state public health department has de-sert tied at a facility in the sonoma developmental center. there have been charges of faulty investigations of incidents of patients being harmed including a story we broke along with our media partner that patients had been tased. no charges were ever filed in
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that case. now de-certification means that it will lose all medicaid fundings. the facility can appeal and will be allowed to stay open while the appeal process moves forward. >> this is a picture of the 22-year-old man who opened fire in that mall outside portland, oregon that killed two people before he ultimately killed himself. what has been learned so far about the killer in portland. [ siren ] >> chaos amidst christmas shopping rush. lines of shoppers, even children could be seen streaming out with their hands up while a shooter was still inside. a day later the gunman was jacob tyler roberts a young man with no history of serious trouble who they say stole an assault rifle and set alone on a deadly
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ram stage. >> except to say there is month relationship between the suspect and his victims. >> ken doesn't understand either. >> never done anything like this. not in a million years. >> in an interview the shooter's ex-girlfriend she has no idea what could have triggered the sudden and brutal attack. >> this is last thing i would have ever expected especially from him. he was too sweet. >> just last week, the guy she knew as finish loving and nonviolent quit his job and sold all of his belongings, telling her he was leaving portland and moving to hawaii. >> he had his plane ticket. and this happened, i like to think hawaii was in the back of his mind. >> nothing like the calculated killer police say stormed one of
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portland's most popular shopping malls, killing 54-year-old nurse who was christmas shopping and 45-year-old a father of two who ran a busy in the mall and wounding a 15-year-old now in the hospital. columbine, virginia tech, and each of those out rages the killer sent signals. this time no sign of trouble. they released this picture of a once happy little boy and asked her friend to re no understandir explanation of the son's behavior. she is very sad and so sorry what jake did because it's so out of his character. >> we are also learning exactly what the shooter did once he entered that mall and how so many people survived this rampage. david wright tonight with tips that anyone can use. >> what we learned how
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cold-blooded the killer was. police say roberts made a beeline from his car through macy's carrying an semi-automatic assault rifle. he wore a vest packed with ammo and hockey style face mask. he entered the mall on the upper level. he was already firing killing two people by the time he got to the food yard. he hit another person now in the hospital then his gun jammed. roberts bolted down a flight of stairs, got his rifle working again and killed himself near j.c. penney's. >> this was a heartbreaking tragedy. >> but everyone agreed was a miracle only two people were killed. >> experts say in a situation like this, the most important thing is to make yourself less of a target, run away or find cover, preferably behind something hard. >> freestanding atm or mailbox. get behind that, those are very
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hard surfaces. >> the mall santa dove to the floor. >> everyone else ran but to me running is is a target. >> a big red target? >> i'm a real good target. >> the mall had an emergency lockdown procedure designed for situations like this. >> from people who survive in cases like this, you will find they reacted quickly. >> quick reactions that clearly saved lives. >> let's move on. facebook has helped the f.b.i. crack a massive global hacking ring. they used malware that stole credit card numbers and bank details to one of the largest cyber crimes in history. they identified criminals, and employed tools to remove these threats. 11 million computers were affected leading to $850 million in losses. tepeople have been arrested.
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they are from the united states, britain, bosnia and macedonia and new zealand and peru. meantime, the f.b.i. says the problem of human trafficking has become so serious the agency needs some help. karina rusk explains that help is coming from unexpected partnerships. >> they played tour guide to a contingent of f.b.i. a little from san francisco. it may seem unusual unless you know their mutual goal of fighting the problem of human trafficking. they call the crime modern day slavery. >> when we think about slavely and what that means, that people are exploited that people are bought, sold, no freedom or no rights. >> this congratulations made a pledge to, did this done degree gas station wants to shine a
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light on the problem. some advocates say as many as 27 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking. >> we want to educate people as to what is going on. we wanted to look at creative ways we can support and we want to help. >> the sister of the holy family estimate they give 30-50 talks a year and donate about $30,000 a year to community based organizations helping victims of human trafficking. >> it's the tireless out reach and commitment that brought nine members of the f.b.i. to this peaceful setting. special agent in charge presented them with the leadership award. >> we're very grateful for them to help get the word out. we are especially grateful to them to help care for the victims who are identified in these cases. >> the coordinator says the sisters are humble in accepting the honor and remind everyone is
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january is human trafficking awareness month. >> even though our efforts can seem very small and insignificant sometimes. when we put them together we have done great things. >> well, it is another busy night mirtd week. racing through the broadway tunnel. very video 56 san francisco cop is raising a lost questions. also tonight, rising floodwater caused by the pull of the moon. one neighborhood is getting soaking from the -- soaked from the ground up. i'm spencer christian and get ready for a winter's chill. i'll show you where temperatures will drop down into freezing into my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> dan: not just made in america but made in san francisco. company making high end mattresses for 112 years and why it
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another home invasion robbery in castro valley. as many as five men targeted a home on pineville circle over night yesterday. it's not clear how they entered the home and no one was hurt. is a similar incident happened
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on the cyprus ranch road area on december 7th. local police are advising residents to consider installing an alarm and pay close attention what is happening in their neighborhood. >> is eight prank or off-duty officer breaking the law? those questions coming after a san francisco cop, a police sergeant posted a video online. it shows a wild ride through san francisco's broadway tunnel. it was posted on football page of a sergeant. he row the on his page, 100 miles per hour in lambo. they report that he also xhewtd that he and had his friends were all drunk. head of the san francisco police officers association he has ner seen anything like it. >> this would be on a case by case basis if it was an off-duty vehicle. chief of police would have to make a determination whether discipline is appropriate. >> dan: there is no confirmation that the driver is in fact him. we were unable to reach him this
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evening. the sergeant removed the video from his facebook page and shut the page down entirely. the bureau of land management auctioned off 18,000 acres of oil leases on prime public lands in central california. bidders are hoping to get 15 parcels of land in monterey and fresno and san benito counties. they have large deposits of shale oil. winners will be announced within 24 hours of time. a phenomenon known as king tide. extreme high tides are the highest of the year. that could mean trouble for beaches and low-lying areas, places like marin city near richardson bay. more from heather ishimaru. >> bike path known as bay trail lived up on to its name it was more bay than trail. she couldn't make it through a
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larkspur ferry and have to turn around. >> i had no idea it was that bad. >> caltrans tried to direct people around the flooding but nothing could be done for cars left all day at the park and ride. businesses along a narrow strip of land became an island for a few hours. they are less worried about flooding than lost customers. >> the trees are still above the water. >> he has looked at the highest prediction for tomorrow morning and figures he has got an inch to spare. >> it's going to be okay. >> the king tides happen once a month when the sun and moon is a lined but next few days will be the highest tides of year because they coincide with big winter storms in the gulf of
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alaska. waldo point harbor thought they knew what was coming with the king tide. >> usually when the tide gets high it comes out here but a half one will go across the road but today it was up in the parking lot. >> the house boats are built for it. john has lived here for 14 years and remember a tide high enough for a 15 boat kayak race across the parking garage. he knows to move his cars. >> the modern cars, as soon as the computer gets wet the car is totaled. >> they expect to be out here doing traffic management at least through saturday. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. nice day around here. the temperatures are a little chilly. >> a few spots, especially in the north bay valleys with lotion down to around freezing.
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this cold air will be with us for a while. here is a live view from sutro camera looking over san francisco and clear and chilly night. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd which shows that we are rain free essentially and cloud free a few spots of moisture lurking offshore. our rainfall has ended and we have a few wet spots over the last 24 hours. rainfall totals up to .32 in half moon bay. tenth of an inch and moffett field and few hundredths in other locations. we did get a little wet weather out of it. we are dry, clear and chilly. 38 degrees in santa rosa and 42 at napa and dropping 43 in concord. you can see it's going to be quite chilly as we hit overnight lows. cold and frosty, mostly sunny tomorrow. chance of showers on friday. a little wet weather coming our way again.
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32 in santa rosa. 33 in napa. just barely above freezing at cloverdale, livermore. many locations we'll see lows in the 30s. 42 in oakland and 38 at half moon bay. bundle up. satellite and radar composite image shows the cold front that brought us the cold air and now the big chill. coastal watch is still in effect. we have two more days of this. tomorrow and friday, reaching 7.2 feet. and 7 feet on friday morning and then things start to normalize a bit. we don't have major rain storms on top of the high tides. high temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the low to mid 50s much like today. a little chilly but its seasonally chilly. mid 50s. a degree or two milder to the
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south but not very much. here is the seven-day forecast. temperature range won't change much the next few days but a chance of showers on friday and frosty on saturday under sunny skies. chance of evening rain on sunday. chance of showers on monday. chance of showers lingering into tuesday morning. looks like a rainy day on wednesday. after a bit of chill we need to contend and then we'll go back to a rainy pattern that will last for several days until next week. carry an umbrella. >> dan: today is one that many won't forget. how people are celebrating a once in in a lifetime event.
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today's date 12-12-12 is generated ago lot of activity. people have decided this day is extra special. story from nick smith. >> neatest thing when she came out her eyes were open and that was unbelievable feeling to see her come out and looking around. >> seven pound one houston of joy is always dads apple in the eye. >> we didn't think it would come around noontime. certainly it wasn't planned. >> this is the last sequential date and they think it's luck. >> ten dollar, i got a two dollar win. i got two dollar win. >> for others, they are using to bet on romance.
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>> it's going to be beautiful. on top of it, i'm going to renew my vows. >> he and his wife decided today would be the perfect day to tie the knot. city put out a call to love birds wanting to get hitched suggesting that it would be an anniversary date they would never forget. >> it has some meaning to us. >> at 12 p.m., that is really good. >> even the moon has a role to play. according to nasa, 12 is the number of astronauts who walked on the surface of the moon, perfect for couples today who are floating on air. >> i just want to be happy. we'll spend the rest of lives with each other. >> we wanted to know if it had boosted a sale in lottery tickets. we reached out to officials but we didn't hear back in time. if you are looking for another
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date to bet on you will have to wait 89 years, january 1st, 2101. >> there is a lot more to get to. here are pictures of clayton, his proud grandparents are in santa cruz. he was born at 2:21 today. the numbers consist of one's and two's. today was more special for a massachusetts mother. she was in labor for 12 hours. her baby was born at 12-12. that is 612s in all. >> a millionaire software mogul is set free. what he had to say. and lucky two-year-old a truck slams into an apartment and toddler is thrown from the crib. bart police wanted to make sure bart police wanted to make sure that you are better protected well, well, well.
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latest on breaking news, the search for two armed robbery suspects at cal state fullerton we speak some students are being allowed to leave where students have been stuck for hours. they barry indicated inside classrooms while s.w.a.t. teams moved through campus. the search is focusing on three buildings. no shots have been fired on campus from what we understand. they were looking for armed robbers they chased from another location. somehow they got the campus and triggered the lock down. we'll have a updated over on channel 7. >> john mcafee is back in the
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united states. he arrived in miami aboard a flight. he was quickly surrounded by reporters. >> there were a -- >> dan: he had been deported from guatemala where he was being held in a detention center as he fought extradition to belize. u.s. federal officials whether he will be questioned or detained in the united states. they say there is no active arrest warrant that would justify taking him into custody. to syria where the government fired scud missiles at rebels in a significant eggs escalation of the two-year war.
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syria says five people died in a bombing attack on the ministry's headquarters in damascus. rebels fighting to overthrow assad have been moving closer to the capital. all of this comes as more than a hundred countries including the united states recognize the rebels as the legitimate representative of syria. this move opens the way to greater humanitarian assistance and possibly even military aide to the forces fighting assad. israel's ambassador to denmark is telling jews not to wear religious symbols in copenhagen in rising anti-sentiment. there has been serious attacks on israeli embassy and several incidents in the neighborhood of a synagogue. >> we are learning that the plane top superstar jenni rivera
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plunged 28,000 feet and hit the ground in a nosedive. the crash killed her and six other people aboard their lear jet on sunday in northern mexico. plane hit the ground about a mile from where it had begun plummeting. it fell at a 45 degree angle. >> a san jose family is thankful after what happened to them today. a truck crashed into their apartment. the impact sent their two-year-old daughter flying. terry mcsweeney has this happy ending to a story. >> you can understand why two-year-old is speechless. this was the wake-up call this morning, a pickup truck slamming into the wall of her bedroom hitting her crib knocking her to the floor. >> she was in shock and looking at me, she started crying. >> he believed in angels and now his mom says, she is an angel.
9:35 pm
>> her crib is broken in half and she just flew out with no scratches. >> the driver of the truck tried to leave the scene but neighbors held him until police arrived. a few months ago a nearly identical incident in east palo alto a child sleeping into a crib, cadillac slams into the house hitting the crib. the mother knows the father, a small world and sometimes an amazing one. >> the driver of the pickup truck has been arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run. to end this story on a positive note, she is going to be around to celebrate her third birthday coming up next month. >> dan: change for bart passengers, bart is increasing patrols and offering safety escorts at some stations tomorrow. they are adding more patrols in
9:36 pm
downtown san francisco and in the east bay, they are teaming up with oakland police department to provide escorts at west oakland station. volunteers will be at the west oakland station from 4:00 to 8:00 to escort passengers parked within a three block radius of that station to tighten security around the holidays. >> we live in a nation so wealthy most of us consider owning a car almost on birth right. so imagine trying to live and work in the bay area without one. as wayne freedman experienced today a few fortunate east bay residents don't have to worry about that anymore. >> we already knew that this day 12-12-12 would have memorable significance but at this auto body shop they will remember it as the day that christmas came early. there is reason she named her baby adrian.
9:37 pm
that was the name of her fiance who got killed in an accident. >> it's been hard. >> amid the hardship letter, one of 150 and people from mike's auto body poured through this year, every christmas they work with insurance brokers to take otherwise total cars and give them away to few fortunate recipients. >> it's very tough. you have to go through all of them. then we actually give them to our technicians. >> technicians like cameron who donated a combined hundred hours of labor to turn this wrecked chevy to practically new car for amanda. >> we have little kids, it hits home to everybody. >> the coming together of donors and recipients. >> by the time this ends, they will have given away in total 40 cars. first car went to a military family in need. another to single mother. third this van went to foster a
9:38 pm
dream, a nonprofit. >> it helps me out to get my kids to school. >> amanda received her car, too, along with two bicycles for her little girls. >> we are truly blessed. >> all cars now salvaged and doing the same for people's lives. >> dan: crime ring broken wide open. facebook joins forces with the f.b.i. it was a big win against cyber criminals. still ahead, bay area police officer who is one of santa's
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>> dan: federal reserve sent the clearest signal yet about keeping the u.s. economy on track. for the first time in the history the fed set targets for inflation and unemployment. it said it would keep rates an super low levels until the jobless rate goes below 6.5%. to keep the rates low the feds will continue to spend $85 billion every month to help stimulate the economy. another subject, abc7 is celebrating the share your holiday food drive and we are so proud to get so many people involved. i was out with spencer christian cheryl jennings, larry beil and
9:43 pm
many others today takingfor peoe hungry. we have raised thousands of dollars and thousands of pounds of food collected today. there is michael taking donations from someone who was kind enough to bring them to walnut creek. that does not include all the onlined tech go dollars which we will not get totals until tomorrow. if you cannot make it out to see us, take part in your share holiday food drive by calling the number on the screen or text feed to 80077. need is tremendous this time of the year. >> san leandro police police officer is doing more than keeping the peace. he is trying to make the difference for needy kids. louie brandt has raised $20,000 to help with gifts for the
9:44 pm
holidays. he uses the money to build bicycles them and donate them to the family resource center. last year he raised $17,000. he hopes to raise at least $23,000. >> still ahead tonight, creating 28 layers of fluffy cotton and behind the
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we hear all the time how americans don't manufacture products anymore but we counseled a contradiction right in the backyard.
9:48 pm
we sent reporter wayne freedman searching for local examples and he found an item that everyone uses. >> on one of san francisco's proudest streets and oldest buildings, here is a name for you mattress company that survived despite being around longer than all of us. >> where in china do you make the mattresses? >> we're in china, i don't think so. >> third generation, her grandfather was a mattress equipment salesman for chicago who came to san francisco with his brother in 1898. if they were to visit the factory on minnesota street today, those brothers would be proud to see the company still going strong. >> the benefit of doing it ourselves is that we're in charge of the quality. >> easy to say, not so easy to do. they say they make their mattresses from scratch in america, they mean it.
9:49 pm
beginning with the cotton they blend it into bedding to the bed coils that begin as wire and then turned and bent and twisted by a machine and finished by a former street sweeper. >> all handmade. >> translated they build mattresses the old-fashioned way same as they always have as they have made them for a century. >> it's definitely old school. when a customer calls for information on a sale they consult the catalog they are going everything in 15 seconds. when did they go to computers. >> we started in then. >> it's not about quantity. according to a vice president while some mattress companies may turn out 1500 units every 24
9:50 pm
hours. >> we vary, seven to 12 a day. it's no at lot of mattresses. >> though they can cost upwards up to $5,000 each and customers may have to wait three weeks for delivery but the mattresses have a ten-year warranty. >> aren't you going to put out yourself out of business by making a mattress too long? >> we could. >> we could make it in a less expensive manner. we believe in the product and family name. >> so built it overseas kind of world here is a local contradiction with 31 employees still succeeding the old way. >> you learned a lot today. [ laughter ] more than you thought. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news". >> dan: great story. great company. spencer christian accu-weather forecast has the made in america
9:51 pm
label. >> made in the bay area. look at live doppler 7hd shows we are rain free right now. couple spots of moisture showing up but it is not raining in the bay area. tomorrow statewide a little mixed bag, dry for the northern two-thirds thirdz stated. showers will have moved down south. not quite so mild, a high of 66 in palm springs tomorrow. here in the bay area, partly to mainly sunny skies. very cold overnight and early morning hours and even in the day time, highs will rise only to the low to mid 50s. pretty cool day tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. weather on the cool side will stay us right through the weekend. chance of showers on friday. another chance of rain late sunday, showers on monday, showers tuesday morning and rainy day on wednesday. it is rainy season as evidence by the forecast map. >> dan: this has been a nice break. larry beil is here with a lot to
9:52 pm
talk about. >> i wanted to tell you what the warriors did tonight will raise eyebrows, taking down lebron and n.b.a. champions on [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine.
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police in southern california continued to go from classroom to classroom in search of a gunman on cal state fullerton campus. we'll have the latest on the developing story. that is coming up tonight o at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here, the warriors are getting it done. this is great. >> this is stunning. this is amazing. it happened, it's real. golden state warriors made a loud statement they are for real. they go into miami and beat lebron james and curry, they have new routine. it's like a race to the baseline.
9:56 pm
throwing to lebron, a difficult pass. lebron, nice here. with authority! that is nasty! second quarter. lee with a hard foul on the bowl. you are going to pay the price. he went down in pain. 23 points in the first half. warriors up 1 at the break. he is all over lebron, ridiculous fadeaway. huge off the bench against chris bosh and fourth and final assist finds the rookie, greene who beat shane battier defensively. and lebron fworts win! no good. it makes it 5-0 and here is jared and 15-7.
9:57 pm
>> we have all the confidence in the world. it's based on momentum. i feel like we've been playing just great baseball, individually, team wise. >> this is it. they credit the blocked shot to the referee. chris humphries is attempting a freethrow, i guess somebody was subbing in that is chris humphries who is used to rejection in other areas of his life. 49ers will get biggest test of the season against tom brady of the patriots. you add up his experience and offense and familiarity with teammates and pacers are difficult to beat. they have to keep brady off the field but what is bill billy
9:58 pm
check going to have in store for kaepernick. this is big game heading to the playoffs. >> it will take a lot of pressure, brady and getting him off his spot and baking the cake and picking us apart. >> the linebackers sack the quarterback. it's incredible paying. it's a lot of challenges. we're going to have to play our best game. >> raiders host kansas on sunday and final home game, dennis allen says, terrell pryor is going to start. >> and today being 12-12-12 green bay packers, everybody was wearing aaron rodgers 12 at pla. as you can see for the offensive
9:59 pm
and defensive line stretching the threads to the maximum and mike mcintyre to speak with every player and coach individually before he takes off for his jaw not be as coach of colorado. the he turned it around. 10-3 this season and defensive coordinator will coach the spartans in that bowl game. he is going miss the coach. >> he has built this and we built this together. great mind and recruiter. it's the nature of the business. it's a crazy business, great profession. you just move on and you understand what that is all about. you try to make things better. >> in golf courses have a lot of bunkers, some have thick rough. in stlial they have a dinosaur. -- in straight they have a


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